5 Ways To Travel Abroad With No Money in Nigeria

If you watch the television, you should know that many Nigerians want to leave the country due to hard economy. The change promised by current President is not happening anytime soon.

Most people are searching on Google on how to travel abroad for free, even some send private messages to me asking how to travel the world and get paid.

For those who have always considered that travel costs money, wait until you read this article to the end and find out that you can travel abroad with no money. You will be convinced to discover exciting new ways of how to travel abroad with nothing!

And, in a short time, you will remove those age-old barriers in your head that stop you from traveling around the world.

Although, you may have nothing saved and also may not have no financial reserves to back upon, you can still fulfill your dreams.

Well, travel does cost money in actual sense, but the whole point is that people do have money and fund even if they are broke. They aren’t looking in the right direction. Still, you don’t need to be filthy rich to travel abroad.

1. Look for work overseas or turn into a digital nomad

If you aren’t saving enough money at your current job, you would want to consider getting a job overseas. Maybe you are unaware, but there are plenty of opportunities awaiting you, and you need to search for the jobs that should be able to pay your bills and take care of other needs at home.

Some great jobs for expats like you include hostel worker, bartender, waitress/waiter, tour guide, farm worker, seasonal worker, cruise liner worker and more. You don’t only have to travel at another person’s expense, but you can land a good job too!

Another great option is to turn into a digital nomad by getting a job you can do online from any location. Some of the great gigs include freelance writer, copywriter, online tutor, translator, website designer, graphic artist or even start up a travel blog. In this article, you’ll find a few great tools for digital nomads.

2. Become an English instructor Abroad

There’s a rising demand in teaching English overseas. If you are confident of your individual English skills, put them to work and earn money by traveling abroad to teach English. You can earn lots of money and thousands by simply teaching in countries like Thailand, China, India and Columbia.

Places like these countries are looking for good English teachers, and this is a job that is high in demand. The good thing about the travel to the countries is that your flight would be paid for you.

3. Study abroad programs, scholarships and internships for college students

If you are a high level student, you should consider programs like internships and scholarship that enable you to travel with no money. Incredible sources of useful information on traveling for free, especially for an advanced student are available in “Student’s help guide traveling without having to spend Money”

You can Google the book and you should be able to learn where to apply for a specific volunteer, internship and scholarships program. You can also find detailed instructions on how to write a scholarship essay contest or perhaps a personal statement and application letters.

4. Sell your stuff

The first step should be selling your stuff. You will not only earn some quick money, but can also eliminate the old baggage and junk lying around in your home.

Selling your belongings that you don’t need is a nice decision to make the desired traveling a reality. You may sell old furniture, boots, and dresses or any gadgets you don’t need anymore. Overall, becareful on what you sell that you may need later in life.

5. Housesitting

Housesitting is a great way to stay at a pleasant location for free. If you become a housesitter, you are able to stay in people’s homes in return for taking care of their houses and pets. There are some tips on the way to land a housesitting job online.

Now you can think about life without limits. How to travel abroad with no money should not be a question anymore – instead that should be a plan in your mind now.

Once you realize money cannot prevent you from chasing your dream of traveling around the world, you should be able to apply some of the easy steps described above in this article.

Good luck with your search in finding ways to travel abroad with no money. Let me know if you have any questions?




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