5 Ways to Get Higher Marks in WAEC Exams

Have you got an important exam coming up that you truly need to master? WAEC Nigeria is one of the exams, and it is not having WAEC registration completed would guarantee a high mark into University. Would you, for the most part like improving your past WAEC results?

There are several tricks and practices which can significantly improve your chances of scoring high marks on your next WAEC exams. This article will help you to think beyond, breaking down how you need to study WAEC timetable, making use of WAEC website or studying past WAEC exam questions, so read on!

1. Pay attention in your classes during the last months of preparing for WAEC exam. The best thing you can do to raise your WAEC exam scores is to focus when you’re supposed to be, rather than reading the magazines in class. Letting your mind wander or not coming to class at all during this time are both likely to make you miss a great opportunity for key information that will later show up on WAEC exams.

2. Take great notes. This is critical if you want to have a less demanding time studying later on. Not only will writing the information down as you study will help you in retaining the information and focusing on other things, you’ll also have a reference for when you go to study for the WAEC later.

3. Get your work done every day. Leave no stone un-turned. Studying, for example, WAEC past questions and at-home reading are where you will find whatever that is left and the answers that will be on the WAEC exam, so doing this preparation is critical. Keep in mind that WAEC do repeat questions from past WAEC exam questions. Make your WAEC timetable and set aside a quiet place only for studying to help beat the delaying soul.

4. Use memory aids like mnemonics and other tricks. Different memory trick truly can be valuable for remembering certain things like numbers, categories, and writings. Simply make sure that you master them effectively and don’t mix them up! You will need this later on for the Math part of the WAEC exam

Mnemonics are the phrases which can help you remember the order of certain things. When you need to remember series of numbers, rather than trying to remember 2537610925, for instance, split it up like a telephone number: 253-761-0925. You can separate dates along these lines as well. 14 Oct 1066 (the Battle of Hastings) can turn into a locker combination: 14-10-66.

5. Do practice tests. Ask your teacher or go online and print a couple of past WAEC practice tests. Taking a practice test will help you figure out the amount of information you really know versus the amount of information you think you know. That will prove to you if you’re ready for the WAEC exam. Knowing your weak spots before the WAEC exam is essential. Websites like Myschool.com.ng is a great site where you can find free WAEC past questions and answers, and you should be able to check your WAEC results too.

In conclusion, don’t worry over lost marks in the past WAEC results and get discouraged. Rather, take a full breath at any point you think about it, be hopeful and study well for the upcoming WAEC exams.

I hope these ways will help you to do well in your exams. There is no shortcut to success. This is the first thing you have to remember. Thus, you need to try so that you’ll be happy when next you check WAEC results.


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