5 Steps for Choosing a Boarding School in U.S

When parents in Nigeria choose to send their children to boarding school in America, it is always good to know where you can start. They are trying to send them to one of the most selective, competitive, and influential boarding schools in the United States. These great boarding schools are those that open Ivy League doors; and considered the grounds which networking is built.

Boarding schools in USA are many, but you just have to know exactly what you need for your kids. You have international boarding schools which can be found in big cities like New York, Chicago and Phoenix.

In addition, there are American boarding schools that are available online, but the problem lies on the steps you can take to choosing the best boarding schools in USA.  In this article, we will reveal to you several steps you can take to make the decision as a parent.

Choosing a boarding school can be a simple decision for a child, but for the parents of the child. The adolescent years are some of the most informative, so choosing the best boarding school in the US that improves their learning experience instead of detracting from it is important for children’s development and future.

When you think about boarding schools in the U.S, all boarding school varies, and where one child may flourish at a certain school another may not experience the same successes. Therefore, it’s very necessary for parents and prospective student to stick with the appropriate steps to choosing a boarding school in U.S.

Provided below are 5 steps to choosing the best boarding school in U.S.

1. Make a list of schools. First, you need to make a summary of boarding schools. During this phase you can let your imagination go wild and put down any school that catches your attention. You can take a little more time to visit the school’s website and look at pictures, student comments, activities that get your interest, etc. If you want to make your next step easier, bookmark all the pages or simply copy and paste the URL of each potential school in an excel sheet for additional comparison later.

2. Narrow your List. When you have compiled a list of potential schools, you can take a seat and compare your options. Depending on how many schools are on your list, the process of comparing the schools can be extremely frustrating. To help narrow your list, you need to consider these questions:

  • Do you need single sex or perhaps a coeducational school?
  • How big the schools do you need- small, medium or large?
  • Do you want a target-specific school like art, dance, etc.?
  • Do you think you’re thinking more of a religious school or military school?

3. Check out the schools. Probably the most important step to choosing an ideal boarding school in the U.S is actually visiting the school. It doesn’t matter how informative the website is, seeing the school on your own and meeting employees is the best way to determine if that boarding school is a good fit for you.

At that time, you’ll likely receive an interview where your interview can further measure the compatibility between the school and you. Don’t forget to ask a lot of questions and be honest and genuine with your answers, and keep in mind that the interview is for your benefit.

4. Review costs. Boarding schools in U.S can be a huge investment of time and money, so it’s important that you compare all the costs and make sure it is something in your budget. Some boarding schools require uniforms and further supplies so make sure to shop around in that area at the same time.

Many of boarding schools offer financial aid if you’re qualified; so if you are having trouble affording your chosen boarding schools, then you should check out the different federal financial aid programs and scholarships available for international students.

5. Testing, applying, and paying. Once you have chosen the ideal boarding school of your choice, it’s time and money to fulfill any testing requirements. Fill in any applications or forms and make your first payment. Now, your child is off to the school of your dream that he/she will fit in perfectly and can get the most from the instructor’s experience.

Do you have any questions about boarding schools in U.S? You can leave your questions below.

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