5 Reasons Why Chelsea Have Been So Awful this Season

Chelsea have had the worst starting this season since 1986, and it’s difficult to believe that Chelsea fans aren’t worried about what’s happening in the club they love.

At first glance, it’s rather unusual. Chelsea won the Premier League last season, have one of the best managers in the soccer history and have added profundity to a squad full with top players. In any case, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find out there are issues at Chelsea, some that should be eliminated without much of a problem, others that are a little more severe as you can see in this 2015/16 EPL competition:

1. Tough Games

Chelsea should have started good than having to begin with a draw-loss-win-loss-loss, but consider the rivals: Manchester City are unquestionably the best team in the Premier league now. Everton and Crystal Palace gave alternate loses for Chelsea, the former a great team which finished 5th less than two years ago, and the last an underdog boasting a record of upsetting big teams in the EPL.

2. Third Season Syndrome

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has never stayed at a club for more than three full seasons. Also, his team for the most part don’t fair well towards the end of his stay. Mourinho pushes his team hard — and maybe exhausts them — trying to win at the earliest opportunity so he can go trophy hunting elsewhere. Presently, he’ll need to figure out how to brace a team for the long term.

3. Absence of Leaders

John Terry is still the captain, however his supporting cast is gone: Frank Lampard left two seasons ago, while Petr Cech and Didier Drogba left the club this off-season. With another era or players expecting to fill that void, there was continually going to be a time of transition and Chelsea need to act fast to find replacements.

4. Aged Defenders

Terry is 34, Branislav Ivanović is 31 and Gary Cahill is 29. It’s an intense circumstance when three of your four defenders start declining at the same time, and substitutions are required at the earliest opportunity.

5. Imbalanced Squad

Mourinho is a defense-first manager, and his teams are best when they’re set up to sit-back and counter-attack. Mourinho’s first spell at Chelsea saw him play two defensive midfielders in a three-man midfield, but on his return he’s been playing three attacking midfielders with only one defensive midfielder. A return to the last year’s lineup would likely result in the way Mourinho’s team play and winning will start again.

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