5 Easy Steps To Finding A Job Abroad From Nigeria

Working in a foreign country can be both an advantage in your professional development as well as a personal learning and growth experience for any job opportunities. Many Nigerians who have the motive of “I need a job abroad” plan to move to a foreign country and work on either a temporary or a permanent position.

The choice to become an expatriate should not to be taken lightly as there’s a lot of work and commitment required to be successful when searching for job vacancies online. You may prefer to work abroad during your travels, especially when you find the hot jobs, which can be an option if you’ll secure the right type of traveler’s visa that permits you to work.

In response to the economic upheavals of the last year, many Nigerians are looking for employment in rising markets, such as the United States, Middle East, India, Eastern Europe and China. The reward for international work experience is huge, but you need to follow the proper steps to search for vacancies and  able to land the right job.

Job search abroad can also be hectic when it comes to finding jobs online. Below you will find 5 easy steps on how to get a job in a foreign country:

1. Outline your expectations for your overseas job. Decide how long you would like to work for, what countries you’d think about working in and whether or not you wish to work in your current profession or try something totally different. All of these factors can have an effect on what kind of visa you apply for and also the type of job you can look for.

2. Research the type of visa that is accepted for foreign employees in each country you want to work. If your present company has a branch in the country, talk to the regional manager about a potential transfer. You need to either apply for a visa that will allow you to work legally in that country before you apply for any job openings or look for a company to sponsor your moving to a different country with the plan of working for them.

3. Decide on the country in which you wish to work and apply for the visas you may be eligible for on time. You do not need to actually find a job before you move, but this depends on the type of work visa you’re applying for. If the visa you’ll apply for requires that you find a job first, you want to start the job search process on time.

4. Look for job openings in foreign countries online via job search engines or company position listings. Contact recruiters who specialize in international hiring. Update your resume and submit that to the recruiters or apply for the jobs you’re interested directly on the website.

If the jobs that interest you require that you get a visa first, contact the immigration office of the country you wish to move to and apply for the required visa by following the application process the country requires.

5. Wait for responses to your job applications. You may be required to participate in phone interviews or visit the country to be interviewed in person. Once you receive a job offer or your visa application is accepted, you can prepare to move to the foreign country.

In conclusion, don’t rush to judgment or build discriminatory comparisons about anyone traveling abroad to work. Wherever you land yourself, relax and enjoy the different way of life.

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