5 Easy Steps To Activate Gotv For The First Time in Nigeria

If you’re in Nigeria, you should have read online where many people are asking how to activate Gotv without assistance. If you missed that, I have written this article on how to activate your GoTv after payment.

To activate your GoTv should not be a difficult task if it is your first time. With the different easy steps described below, you should be able to activate GoTV for the first time and that will save you time and money.

You can actually activate your GoTv decoder for the first time online, via text message, shortcode or Social platform. These alternatives work perfectly and nicely.

After following the steps below; you should be able to view all the channels GOTV has to provide, such as Movies, Music, News, Sports, documentary and different channels you would love with gotv subscription.

Activate GOTV through the Eazy GOTV Online Activation

For activating your GOTV is to confirm that it’s properly installed, connecting the GOTV antenna properly, plugging the VGA cables properly from the decoder to television and eventually ensuring the power plug is connected to a power source. You would need to watch these processes for the GoTV activation to work properly. Turn your GOTV decoder on and select the viewing channel, such as Africa Magic for quick Activation.

Keep in mind, you will need to complete the steps above before you proceed with the method below.

1. GOTV Eazy Activation

Visit the GoTv Eazy website to Activate =>https://eazy.Gotvafrica.Com/en/ng/activations

Enter your city, Surname, IUC Number and your phone number in their respective fields. Your IUC number is can be located at the rear of your decoder.

Click the “Activate New Account” button.

Please keep in mind, before you perform any of these steps, make sure your Decoder is turned on to avoid the delay of the activation.

2. Activate GOTV through SMS

The SMS code which you will use should be applicable to only Nigeria and service fee charges may apply –depending on the carrier. If you’re trying to find the SMS code for your country, visit the GoTv website and select your country.

To activate GoTv for the first time through SMS, you will have to use this SMS format.

Type the following messages below in a form of SMS and send it to your country code. Type ACCEPT IUC number name* phone number* location*GoTv package# and send to 4688.

3. Activate your GOTV Nigeria via Phone

By dialing *423# on any network and provide the information requested to activate your GOTV. Have your IUC Number handy and close to you to avoid time-out.

4. Activate your GOTV via Social Networks

To do this, you will need to login to face and visit GOTV’s official Facebook or Twitter support page links provided below.

Once you are on each page, send a message to the representative online on the page, and the support agent will ask for your IUC number, Name, phone number, location and package for the activation.

GoTv Twitter Customer service: https://twitter.com/gotvng

GoTv NG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GOtvNg

5. Activate by calling GoTV Customer Service

You have to call GOTV customer service hotline on 08039044688. Your IUC number is going to be needed. Remember to ask the agent how long does it take for your gotv subscription to be activated.

Once you have carried out either of the steps provided above, it would be time to check if your GoTV activation was successful.

The only way for you to know if the gotv guide was done correctly, you should be able to check if activation was successful through the online services. To verify if your GoTv activation was successful, follow the steps below to check on that:

Now, visit the GoTv Eazy website.

Click on the Activation form tab on the Dashboard.

Enter your IUC Number.

Click the “Check on Activation status” Button.

If it says “active”, that means your decoder is successfully active.


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