4 Reasons Why You Fail At Blogging (and What To Do About It)

There are a lot of open doors online for the people who are serious about making money online. Blogging is not as easy as many thinks, but you can succeed blogging if you know what you’re doing online. However, blogging is lucrative, rewarding and turns out to be excessively swarmed – leaving a large number of people fighting for a little space.

Having a series of posting on your blog every day consistently gives your readers something to be engaged in when they visit your site, but that is not where it ends. Building a successful blog is a commitment, so whether it’s one time a week or 5 times each week, plan it and see it come through.

To succeed online one needs to know the secrets to succeeding online and the facts described below; the strategies involved, the Do’s and Don’ts. Since blogging is a lucrative business; everyone wants to have a blog and start making money fast, some open a blog for the right reasons; while many people enter for the wrong reasons.

I am here to inform and educate, possibly give some helpful information that I have gotten on my blogging journey. I find out that many bloggers pull out their thesaurus and fill their posts with words that they probably wouldn’t remember in the future or know if they didn’t search for them in the dictionary.

Those creating a blog for the wrong reasons will probably stop after some time. I have provided some reasons below why a few bloggers will not make it online and what to do in your part to stay away from the disappointments.

1. You Give Up Easily

Blogging, much the same as any other business needs responsibility and consideration if you truly need to succeed doing it. Quitting won’t transform you into a star tomorrow; rather, it makes you a stagnate failure. An example, is Linda Ikeji of Lindaikeji blog who recently built a house in Banana Island Lagos. The house, worth N500million Naira.

You wander into all that you believe is productive online, you truly need to succeed and get to be celebrated on the web, yet – you would prefer not to pay the cost for fame.

In any case, you know you haven’t got a chance in seeing that kind of success unless you can really work hard and engage with your readers, keep them interested in coming back as time goes on.

Sticking to one thing and doing it without stopping is the only way you can be somebody of significance in life. Some researcher once said that if a man keeps doing one thing over and over for a long time that the person will be an expert in that field- Practice makes perfect.

So ask yourself, are you ready to stick to blogging for a while? If the answer is yes, be ready to be transformed into the people you read online that make millions of dollars, like Neil Patel, Linda Ikeji and of course who you generally want to be.

I was once a victim of changing/starting an online business that I heard it was profitable but did not really know anything about any of them. I started blogging in 2010; however because of laziness, I ended up surrendering and closed most of the startups then.

I was searching for ways to make quick money in blogging then, rather than building an online blog that will benefit the readers and constantly bring daily cash to me.

I was caught up with checking my AdSense dashboard consistently despite the fact that I wasn’t producing enough articles every day to engage my readers. Engagement is an elusive creature.

That is funny, right? When I look back and realize those mistakes I made, I say to myself, I do not want my blog readers to repeat the same thing.

Quitting easily in life won’t improve you at all. Taking a gander at the long time achievements of what you’ll get to be is the main jewel that will prevent you from surrendering.

Try not to give up when you see no comment on your blog, even after posting an awesome post; don’t give up easily when your posts are not shared on the social network websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It takes a time to be successful in blogging. No quick way about it.

Try not to quit when you have a page rank of 0; don’t stop when your Alexa rank is still in the several million. It will definitely change if you produce content daily.

Try not to give up; if you find out your blog is not growing- nothing in this life is permanent. Practice makes one perfect. Continue blogging regardless of how hard it is for you.

Bear in mind that all great bloggers you hear/see online everyday defeated the obstacles you’re facing in blogging, not that they’re super heroes or have two brains; but rather they continue to work hard and knew exactly where they were making a beeline for.

Nothing magic is involved, perseverance is all that you need to become a blogger will last; a blogger that many will see in the future and be proud of.

Keep in mind – procrastination will just deny you of what you should be. Also, it is solely your choice to either surrender or remain to blog your way to fame.

What to Do Next:

* Set practical goals and make sure you accomplish all phases of it.

* Find bloggers around your zone and unite with them.

* Join online discussion forums for bloggers and be an active member.

2. You Don’t Want to Learn.

The second reasons behind why a ton of bloggers will not succeed online is on account of they think they know all they ever need to think about blogging. Much like the popular saying – “No man is an island.” No great blogger started from accident and made it alone.

A large number of bloggers read other bloggers’ posts and learn from reading through the postings. They research on what to keep in touch with, they know writing a single post does not come easily even though you’ve researched on what to write. The more you read regular posts or articles on a blog, the more you learn about what topics you can write on.

Learning all you can about your niche will help you make friends easily in the blogosphere. Don’t be a proud blogger; always be ready to learn new things.

What to Do Next:

* Subscribe to about 5 online blogs that encourage how to blog on your Niche and build your knowledge by reading each new post they post on their blogs.

* Read each related niche topics you see online – Sometimes, it does not have to be from your niche.

* Research and read any subject that is related to topics you want to write about. For example, how to make money online

* Learn something new regularly – It will make you significant to people around you; and it will make it simpler for you to write on any topic without fear.

3. You Don’t Have a Strategy

Just by blogging regularly won’t make you succeed online – You require a strategy. A few bloggers simply continue to write anything they see interesting without focus or strategy to follow. This is similar to having a niche before you start blogging.

Being strategic in life will definitely keep you in front of your peers. Planning ahead as a blogger will prevent your chances of failing to an extremely thin rate. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

4. You’re Blogging For Money

I would say in blogging, it has gone to my experience that those that started blogging only for the purpose of money never going to last long. Going for the money as the back of your brain isn’t an awful thing – since we’re all human beings and we need money every day. But you have to understand that no one needs to have anything they did not work hard for. However, the reason why a great number of bloggers will never profit online is that they concentrate on getting the money, by all means; and when it isn’t coming- they become weary of holding up and give up. Are you one of those?:)

What you are concentrating on matters a lot if that you ever need to make it online from blogging. Focusing and fulfilling a need is the best strategy, a need can be a specific topic online that haven’t been covered widely by other bloggers. People who are searching for that specific topic/need will surely click on it, on the grounds that the need you’re fulfilling online will serve a purpose online and bring traffic and monetary benefits that you need.

What to Do Next:

* Stop thinking about money at a start, rather – consider which action is required from you and how to fulfill that action with a move.

* Concentrate on satisfying visitors to your blog by posting the required posts, using the Google keyword planner to find out what customers are searching for – the more satisfied they are, the more regular readers and money you’ll get from Google AdSense.

In conclusion, you have read the reasons why many bloggers don’t succeed in blogging, don’t make yourself one of the scapegoats; take a stab at greatness and be the best you can be no matter the condition you find yourself in blogging.

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