4 Easy Ways To Get U.S Green Card Faster in Nigeria

The United States of America (USA) offers many ways immigrants can become a permanent resident (Green card holder) in U.S.

This allows you to work and live in America permanently. However, I know for sure that everyone asks the question “how to get U.S green card faster”. Even though they are partly living in the U.S illegal, they’re fed up waiting to be a permanent resident.

They have to worry about losing work permits and drivers licenses, and how they will receive those benefits other U.S citizens get.

So how exactly do we answer your question: How To Get a Green Card Fast? Continue reading to find out more.

1. Marriage – Well, for sure this should be number one and not through diversity visa. However, this has to be done right and not just marrying an American citizen for the paper. It is quick, as long as it’s real. And there is a financial obligation involved with the government to the citizen trying to get the immigrant spouse’s green card. In addition, you have other conditions that apply before you can submit the application.

You don’t to have been married in the U.S. for your marriage to be considered legal. It is perfectly acceptable if you marry in your home country or in many other destinations that you choose to do that.

Other various marriage procedures may also be recognized, from church weddings to customary tribal practices – if accepted as valid in that country.

But remember that you and your spouse must have actually attended your wedding reception ceremony. So-called “proxy” marriages, where another individual stands in for the bride or groom, are certainly not recognized by the U.S. government unless the couples later consummates the wedding afterward, meaning they’ve sexual relations.

Keep in mind that U.S rules and caselaw change continuously. If you’re in doubt, seek an immigration attorney to guide you.

2. Extraordinary Ability – In sciences, arts, education, business or athletics. Think awards. Think prestige. Think international acclaim. But higher than a Nobel, Pulitzer, Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy or Olympic Medal, consider a full analysis from the best immigration attorney you could find, to find out if a green card may be an alternative here. Here is an example of how you can get a U.S Green Card through an investment

3. Asylum – When I started reading laws about immigration in the mid-90s, political asylum was granted about 15% of the time. Today, the numbers are around 50%. You’ve still have to show from your country that your life is in danger – fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a social group.

There is no exception from any country. Nigeria is part of this program and if you fail to file in a year of entry into the U.S, you have to consult a lawyer with a good reason. However, a green card may be available for you, for those who have fled a dangerous country simply because you were afraid of severe mistreatment.

Talk to an immigration attorney that has vast expertise in political asylum cases before exploring this option to get a green card.

4. Diversity Visa Lottery – 50,000 people, more or less, from many countries are able to receive a green card through the visa lottery. Nigeria used to be part of this, but not allowed to submit a DV Visa lottery anymore.

Notable among those allowed to submit the DV Visa Lottery are people with a minimum of a high school diploma or skilled labor from countries on continents all over the world.

You can easily file the application on your own, but many immigrants make use of DV Visa lottery centers, where you pay a fee to assist you with the entrance or seek the help of top immigration lawyers.

I hope this has answered your question, how to get a U.S green card faster? I know you have so many other ways, but I think the processes explained above are the fastest ways.

Do you have any other questions about how to get a U.S Green Card? Leave your comment below.




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