3 Easy Ways For Finding a Job at PWC Nigeria

Do you want to find a job in PWC Nigeria immediately after your NYSC youth service? Here’s how to locate a job fast in PWC Nigeria, especially the jobs in Abuja, as well as how to make it full-time time at the company.

First, you need to make sure your resume is updated and have your most current job and description listed accordingly. Job opportunities in Nigeria is very competitive and it’s your time to prove that your resume will beat the recent job seekers in Nigeria

Secondly, avoid applying online through the job search engines like Indeed, Jobberman and others, this is because the big companies like PWC Nigeria barely make use of the websites to hire applicants. Build your connections to the job search, and it is the best way to ace the job interview, the best way to follow up, plus much more information on how to find jobs in PWC Nigeria.

Networking is important and referral will help you get your foot inside faster than wasting time applying online continuously.

LinkedIn is a great website to start your connection. You can search by the company’s name and introduce yourself before following the employee of the company. Don’t be aggressive about what you need from whoever you find – take your time to make friends first.

Thirdly, PWC Nigeria is a great company to work and since you’re currently a college graduate with/out experience, or you have been a current recent grad willing to settle into that first serious job. Finding a job vacancy in Nigeria is tough, and this is where the referral will come in getting you hired as a newbie through a job search, including where to look for the jobs, creating an entry level resume plus more job search methods for entry level job hunters like you.

Let the referral know about the jobs you found on the PWC Nigeria website and provide the Req# to the person. The Req# will enable the referral to move your resume faster, internally

As I have mentioned above, networking is essential, utilizing a recruiter may not work in PWC Nigeria, knowing someone internally is the best way to the steps for success to work in PWC Nigeria. Since you have identified the position and provided the details to the person inside, it is time to wait while he completes the internal application processes and provide more information on where and how to prepare for an interview.


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