17 Guides For Purchasing a Used Car in USA From Nigeria

If you can’t get a loan in Nigeria to buy a new car or prefer not to make installment payments to the banks purchasing a used one, checking on used cars for sale in USA may be a good option. When buying a used car, you have to be much more careful than when you buy a new car. You may be able to get a better model like Toyota used cars with lower mileage and you don’t have to make monthly payments to the banks.

Below are the guides you need to keep in mind when buying used cars in USA.

1.  Make sure to buy a car you can afford and leave some reserve money for emergencies. Simply because you’re in a foreign country, USA dealers do not accept partial payments. Also, your used car amount should not be more than 20% of your take-home salary

2.  Build a target list of used cars you want from the USA. Start with the well-known ones like Toyota, Honda, Nissan or Infiniti. Even though, these are great cars, still build at least three target lists that meet your needs and fall in your budget.

3.  Even if the car had warranty as the seller may list online, it may not be transferable to new owner since you’re an international buyer. You can consider buying certified pre-owned used cars, which will simplify the hassle of buying fairly used cars in the USA. The certified pre-owned used cars show that the cars have been thoroughly inspected and should give you peace of mind.

4.  If you are buying a used car from a USA dealer online for the first time, the salesman may give you a hard time. To see if the car you’re buying fits your budget, shop around on the internet, check the true market value of the used car and reviews from different sites.

An example of the site should be Edmunds.com, shows you exactly what other people are paying that used car you’re about to buy in an area/zip codes. Also, use the Carfax site for history of accidents on the used car, and of course KBB to know the value

5.  You should be aware that Nigeria banks/lenders generally will not approve car loans for used cars that are older than 5 years. You need to start saving on time.

6.  There are many places where you can find used cars, including UsedCars.com, Edmunds.com, Cars.com, AutoByTel, CarPoint, or Cars Direct, Craigslist.org (my favorite). Locate used cars for sale in the USA state you are searching to buy.

Begin searching for the used cars on the sites provided above, you can filter the search by many factors, including mileage, dealers/owners, distance, prices and other features find exactly the car you need. You should also use other online classified ads such as AutoTrader.com, eBay Motors.com, and CarGurus.com

7.  Even though the body might have some minor scratches, those cars are maintained well. Before you contact the used car dealer, check the vehicle history report for the car you’re interested in buying. This is necessary and if the report is negative, do not go further with the used car dealer.

To check the vehicle history report, you will need the vehicle identification number (VIN) and use Autocheck or Carfax to run your report. These reports can reveal vital information about the used car, including whether it has a salvage title, which means it has been declared a total loss by the insurance company, or if the odometer has been rolled back.

8.  Once you find a prospective used car for sale, contact the seller. Remember, once you buy the car, there is no return or money back. This is a good time to establish a relationship with the seller and verify the info on the ad.

Sometimes, the seller can mention something that was not described in the ad, so you need to be careful as you read the fine prints. If the seller doesn’t let you test drive, you have no reason to buy the car. It’s advisable to send someone in USA to look at the car and test-drive it.

9.  Again, “Certified used car dealers” don’t really mean anything unless you are buying a certified pre-owned BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes and get a 3-month warranty. “The word “certified” gets tossed around a lot on dealership lots. The idea behind it is to offer a little more peace of mind for those buying a pre-owned vehicle. But not all “certifications” are equal.

There are basically two types of certification: Manufacturer certified and dealer certified. Most of the CPO vehicles you will encounter will come from manufacturer-backed programs. Each carmaker has its own standards for what qualifies as “certified.”

10.  You should consider the current mileage when purchasing a used car. Kelley’s Blue Book is an excellent place to find used car values. The Blue Book gives a rough idea of a used car’s worth.

11. If you have a used car checked by a mechanic in USA, they may also be able to tell you the approximate value of the car.

12. When you have a car checked by a mechanic and they find it needs repairs, ask the seller to have them fixed or discount the price of the car by the amount required for the repairs. Before buying a used car, it is absolutely necessary to have it first checked by a mechanic.

13.  He/she will check the car thoroughly and tell you the current or potential problems, if any. Is there an oil leak? You can easily tell if there are any oil spots where the car was parked.

14.  Ask the seller if they have records of maintenance or other work performed on the car, such as replacing and/or rotating tires, etc. Don’t buy the car if it has already been sold to two or three prior sellers.

15.  When you buy the car, make sure to collect the title. If the seller doesn’t have the title or promises to give you later, don’t buy the car.

16.  If the seller still has an outstanding loan on the car, you may go to the lender, pay them their outstanding balance, and they will give you the title right away.

17.  Check the seller’s driver’s license and match it with the title to make sure that the seller is really the owner of the car.

Let’s know if you have any questions regarding buying used cars for sale in USA. We’re here to answer any question you might have. Don’t forget to share this article on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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