11 Ways to Completely Renew a Nigerian Passport in the USA

Nigeria is a country with many resources along with a huge population consisting of over 150 million citizens who do co-exist with everyone else in the entire universe.

With businesses like the oil exporting industry, many live beyond the country, especially in America, since it’s the 2nd largest supplier.

And many Nigerians living outside the country, the passport might expire any time when in a foreign country, like U.S.A, and immediate renewal is required. The passport renewal is made possible with the availability of the government, Federal Republic of Nigeria embassy in Washington, D.C and Consulate in NVC and Atlanta, Georgia.

If you are renewing your passport, a sticker indicating the next expiration date, that’s 5 years from the present date of renewal will be stamped around the information page of the Nigerian Passport.

It’s possible to renew the Nigerian passport online when the expiration/ date of issuance has not exceeded 10 years or you can visit the Nigerian embassy.

So, for you to renew a Nigerian passport, you have to be a Nigerian passport holder and may have evidence that the Nigerian passport, in fact, actually expired by producing it when demanded.

From your 1st July in 2007, the federal government of Nigeria decided it was time for the country to go digital and to ensure that passport application procedures are completed online. The process the government established are in two steps

The first part involves that the online application process are completed online and the payment for the application is payable with a credit card or money order on the SW Global website for $30 (thirty dollars) used to process the passport application and second step is booking an appointment to see the Nigerian High Commission in the passport location.

For anyone to become a possible candidate for the renewal of the Nigerian passport, you should make sure that the online application procedure is completed with every information specified being accurate.

However, this is prepared by printing out the completed online application together with the appointment booking document, application payment confirmation document, online application acknowledgement paper as well as a postal order fee of thirty dollars ($30).

Two other important factors to consider is that you have to provide the previous passport, along with the required document listed above and ensure that you appear in person at the embassy on the appointment date.

You can also visit the official website for the passport application and any other immigration related questions on how to renew passport or how to get a passport can be found on this website and keep in mind that a Nigerian passport comprises a ten year period before its expiration, including a 5 year initial validity.

The site provides detailed information on the actions of passport related issues so that it is easier for Nigeria citizens to find information to passport renewal.

Since everything was established to be completed online officially on 1st July, 2007, below are the processes you can follow to renew a Nigerian Passport in the USA.

1. First, when you’re on the site, select the E-Passport Form and proceed to create an account if that is your first time using the website to renew your Nigerian Passport. If you have a yahoo or Google account already, it is easier because you’re provided the option to log into websites from the above sites.

2. After filling out the application form, you will need to print out the completed application before you submit it through online. Keep in mind that once you submit, you’ll not have the option to print the completed form. You’re advised to print before submission.

3. If your application submission is successful, a reference number and application ID will be provided to you on the computer screen, also the applicant should keep record of this information because they will be needed in the process of application.

4. To continue with the task, select the close button and then proceed to the payment tab to start with the payment process.

5. Payments can be made with a current credit card like Visa Card or Master Card.

6. Before clicking submit, ensure to confirm the information entered and make sure that everything is accurate to your best knowledge before you hit the pay online button.

7. Note, you can also choose to pay with either the credit card or money order too, in regards to the preferred option available for you.

8. If you choose to use the credit card method, you need to register every possible information that is important to be recognized as the owner of the card. It’s advised to allow at least 30 minutes time frame for the payment process to be completed, and of course ensure that the credit card being used is associated with the name of the applicant and no one else.

9. Once the payment is completed, visit the official website and select the E-Passport to enter the reference number and Application ID given earlier and after that is complete, search on the record section.

10. After that, a receipt is presented on the computer screen and you also need to print it together with the application confirmation page.

11. Attach each copy of the printed documents with the expired passport and visit the Nigerian Embassy, Washington D.C or the location you choose on the date of appointment.

Once you have completed the whole filling of documents, one can mail the papers to the embassy or consulate through their addresses provided on the official website, but it is mandatory that you appear on your appointed date.

Keep in mind that if the documents aren’t filled correctly or any information is missing on the application, the forms will not be accepted when you hand them in the Consulate office, therefore the process is going to be in vain.

One advantage of this process on how to renew your Nigerian passport in the USA is that the procedure is now conducted online and it saves time and money anyone might use to travel to Nigeria. So, you need to make sure the information is filled out completely to the satisfaction of the procedural requirements.

One more thing would be that the process is notably extremely efficient and incredibly fast in comparison with the type of system or process that was used in the last decade. Nigeria is improving and catching up with the modern system and technology.

In addition, remember that Nigerian passports are only issued to Nigerian citizens that are with the required identification documents if the passport has expired, renewing it is rather basic and reliable in this present century at a real period in history, where technological advancements are really great.

By the combination of Nigeria’s Diplomatic representation in the U.S.A, there is hope for Nigerian citizens in the USA to feel at home, simply because they can easily present their cases in one of these places, and then for any assistance will possibly be provided if for instance, a passport renewal is needed for someone to travel, when one would like to visit Nigeria. To me, this is a great news!

You need not to wait until it is too late to to renew your Nigerian passport. Go to the official website and click apply now to start your application.

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Good luck!


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