10 Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria Without a Website

All of theses methods are free and will not require you to spend a single dime! Enjoy.

1. Post youtube videos with link to affiliate product in the description box. After you have made a bit of cash – go to videos that have a huge amount of viewers but don’t have a link in their description box and post a message to the owner of the video and ask to rent his description box for $10 a month (whatever amount you think is best). Put your affiliate link in the description box.

2. Write a keyword rich article with affiliate link in the resource box and submit to article directories.

3. Write a keyword rich product review on Squidoo/blogger with links to affiliate product.

4. Create a fanpage on facebook. Upload product banner with links to affiliate product/CPA on side wall using static iframe. Create discussion. Go to related fan pages and post something interesting on their wall – you will get likes and this will create a viral effect.

5. Find a forum for your niche. Make friends, add value. Make at least 50 posts before recommending products.

6. Go to www.Manybooks.net. Get a free domain name book and upload it to Click2Sell as a merchant. Give a healthy commission to affiliates. Get the puchase link html and go to the niche forum. Post the link in the ads section. Post the link in forum signatures as well.

[If your take this path then it would be worth your while to put in a bit of effort by adding pictures/modifying it a bit so it’s a bit more original or you can just be on the safe side and create your own ebook. Think about what you could talk about till the cows come home and that should give you a good idea of where to begin.]

7. Go onto Ebay – promote a product with a long shipping time. Make sure reserve is more then enough to cover costs associated with the product and some profit. Collect money of winning bidder and go and buy the product cheaper elsewhere. Contact losing bidders and offer them a deal.

8. Go to google maps in your local area. Look at businesses that have not secured their google places. Ring them up and charge them $300-$500 to secure it for them and whatever you think for ongoing maintenance. It’s just filling in their business details etc. Go here to get started : http://www.google.com/places/

9. Go to related forums and give away a free ebook/article with links to affiliate products that would help them save time/money/effort.

10. Go to www.Manybooks.net or create your own story. Create PDF out of it and upload it to kindle. Charge $1 for it.

[If you go down this path then you may want to put in a bit of effort to modify the Ebook so that it minimizes the duplicate penalty – add pictures etc… Or you can be on the safe side and just write your own Ebook – don’t think too hard about it. Just share what you are passionate about.]

Extra Ways:

11. Sign up with www.fiverr.com and get $5 for every service/product you offer.

12. Hire yourself out as a freelancer on sites like: www.odesk.com, www.agentanything.com, www.microworkers.com, www.mturk.com and www.domywork.net

13. Start a blog with blogger on your favourite topic and post frequently to it everyday. Add adsense and links to affiliate products like Amazon store.

14. Go to Skreened.com, design a shirt. When someone orders, Skreened makes the shirt, ships it and pays you your part!





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