10 Things We Learned About Amy Poehler From Her Reddit AMA

With a memoir hitting shelves and the final season of the brilliant Parks and Recreation on its way, Amy Poehler probably barely even has time to sit down for dinner.

But the actress took the time to answer Reddit’s questions on Wednesday, speaking at length about her Parks and Rec costars, her online advice community called Smart Girls and her career.

On Amy Poehler favorite Saturday Night Live sketch of all time

Amy Poehler was a part of the SNL team from 2001 through 2008, manning the “Weekend Update” chair and giving life to classic characters like Kaitlin and Amber, the One-Legged Hypoglycemic. Poehler was stumped, however, on her all-time favorite sketch.

Who can we talk to about getting Amy Poehler in the Justice League? Below, watch the video and let’s know what you think of her favorite moments.

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