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This is How Much Kobe Bryant is Worth After Retirement

In Kobe Bryant‘s first three seasons, the Lakers paid him the total amount of $3.5 million, but five NBA titles and 17 all-star games later, much changed.

In the game, Bryant could have taken home a total of $323 million throughout his career, which may come to an end in 2016. He sits behind only Kevin Garnett in basketball earnings. Garnett entered the league 12 months prior, and it has amassed over $331 million.

In accordance with Forbes, Bryant’s endorsement deals with companies like Sprite, Nike and others have brought his total earnings to $762 million. This amount surpassed even Nike Michael Jordan’s take during his NBA career.

Kobe Bryant’s most lucrative Lakers contract was during the 2013-2014 season, whilst made nearly $30.5 million.



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