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Think Your Job’s Stressful? Talk to These 5 People

Ask anyone and they’ll say they have a stressful job.

Here are 5 people that have legitimately stressful jobs. From writer Emily Siegel on mashable.com, compare your job’s stress level with these folks.  If you think you’ve got ‘em beat, you really do have a stressful job!

1. Emergency Aircraft Pilot – an ambulance in the air, they deal with not only the stress of operating an aircraft, but having to transport people in emergency situations.

2. Teacher – they work constantly in an industry that’s always evolving and have to act as life coaches half the time.

3. Event planner – the event itself is easy but planning and working with guests and trying to make everything work in the face of challenges is the hard part.

4. Police Officer – your schedule is insane, you have to be a jack of all trades, and you are risking your safety every day.

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5. PR Account Executive – you have to work to please others constantly while being the person behind the curtain.


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