How to Know If Your U.K Visa is Approved or Rejected

If you have applied for a U.K visa and not heard back from the consular office, you will be worried if your UK visa application has been concluded or not.

You don’t know if a decision has been made on your U.K visa application or your application for a U.K visa has been processed and sent to VFS.

So many questions will be in your mind, for instance, how do I know if my U.K visa is approved or rejected. Below is how to detect a UK Visa acceptance or refusal before receiving Passport back.

From my personal experience and research completed by reading about U.K visa application and asking other applicants who have applied, we have observed that the email sent to a rejected applicant is different from that sent to an approved applicant.

I was surprised to find out how true this was. And that is why I have decided to talk about these records so that applicants will know beforehand rather than wait to see it on their own passport.

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As a student who is preparing to travel to another country, you definitely would like to prepare for a rejection or an approval. There are two types of emails that you receive for any Tier 4 student visa (others included also).

The email that they send to a rejected candidate has this format:

Sent by:

Email Subject: visa application

Dear Applicant, A decision has now been taken on your application. Your documents will be sent to you shortly through the visa application centre (Teleperformance) Please allow 1-3 days courier time depending on the country that you have applied.

Kind Regards, Customer Services Unit, UK Visas and Immigration | British Consulate General | Istanbul

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS. Please note that, this email address does not accept incoming emails. If you need to reply, please send it through

Then, for accepted application/applicant the email is different. Below is the type of email you’ll receive.

Sent by:

Email Subject: UK visa application in Turkey (Ref: 12345678)

A decision has now been made on your application. Please allow 1-3 days for your documents to arrive at your Visa Application Centre/or to be couriered back to you. You can track your application status on

Please visit

for more information about the UK visa and what it permits visitors to do whilst they are in the UK.

As you can see a huge difference between both emails and those who are still in doubt, here’s further proof that will please you more. First of all, by going through the subject line in the email we will realize that the first application gets only a simple “visa application” and the second application received shows a detailed “UK visa application” in Turkey (Ref: 12345678).

The second shows where this application was processed and adds a reference number so it could be tracked or referenced for future use. The reason why they give you a reference number is because that is certainly your visa approval number and so they use this number to add you to their mailing list of visa approved applicants.

If you look further, you can also spot other differences in the two emails.



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