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VELOX 10 check it out...

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    You may like this....please read.
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    Velox10 is a payment solution company, with headquarters in Sao Paulo Brazil and

    Singapore. Just lunched two and half month ago.

    The CEO of Velox10 is Ricardo Rocha, he is also the president of X7 Capital, a solid

    financial group in Singapore, VELOX 10 is a service solution and payment gateway



    The solid X7 Capital Singapore financial holding has joined the Brazilian

    entrepreneurship to form VELOX 10, a service solution and payment gateway enterprise.
    Almost 100% of commercial establishments uses electronic payment nowadays and the sum of

    worldwide valued transactions per second is gigantic. It is in this high value market

    that VELOX 10 is in. VELOX 10 is your trusted partner.

    By using the most prosperous business model of franchising, VELOX 10 offers a franchise

    system for its business partners. The franchise system brings a great opportunity for new

    agents in the national market which is solely responsible for over R$ 1.3 trillion per

    year in Brazil.

    By becoming a VELOX 10 franchised you will benefit from the start of our last generation

    technical platform and the knowledge base, structure as well as our support team.
    VELOX 10 is always innovating and has a well trained support team to respond to a high

    demanding and in constant growth market.

    VELOX 10 is always innovating and has a well-trained support team to respond to a high

    demanding and in a constant growth market.

    Earn up to 1.2% daily 5 days a week....HOw?

    By becoming a member. Let your money work for you. Here is how you can benefit from



    The First Way...


    1- MASTER 100$ earn $1 daily

    2- MASTER 200$ earn $2 daily

    3- MASTER 500$ earn $5 daily

    4- MASTER 1000$ earn $10 daily

    5- MASTER 2000$ earn $20 daily

    6- MASTER 5000$ earn $60 daily

    This is just a return of your investment without Recruiting new people.
    Payed ONLY from Monday to Friday; once your account is activated it will count 15 days in

    a row and then you will start to receive the investment income. It will stop after 12

    months and 15 day.

    Payments are made with bitcoin or pay a trusted member cash and he/she will help you

    activate your desired package.

    The Second Way....

    Now for people who want to build a network, recruit, let's look at other ways of earning

    1- Referral bonus - from 5 levels down.

    2- Binary bonus – up to 60% on smaller leg

    3- Monthly residual bonus – 10 levels

    4- Carrier plan bonus

    5- Bonus Founder package


    Earn 10% of the package plan of the person you referred.


    If you introduce someone who invests $1000, MASTER 1000 package you will get

    10 %(of)$1,000 = $100. This is regardless of the package you are on.

    1 level receive 10%

    2 level receive 2%

    3 level receive 1%

    4 level receive 1%

    5 level receive 0.5%

    6 level receive 0.5%


    Remember that percentage of binary are as follow and points

    1- MASTER 100$ - 20 points – 10% binary – Binary Cap $2000

    2- MASTER 200$ - 40 points – 30% binary – Binary Cap $4000

    3- MASTER 500$ - 100 points – 40% binary – Binary Cap $6000

    4- MASTER 1000$ - 200 points – 50% binary – Binary Cap $8000

    5- MASTER 2000$ - 400 points – 60% binary – Binary Cap $10000

    6- MASTER 5000$ - 1000 points – 60% binary – Binary Cap $15000

    The first 2 directs, one left one right to qualify for binary MUST BE minimum MATER 200


    Bob, a MASTER 1000 package holder on first day registered one MASTER 200 on left and one

    MASTER 500 on right


    40pts. 100pts

    These points are only to qualify; now he is qualified for binary and the next day he

    registered more as follow:


    100pts 400pts

    1000pts 20pts

    Now Bod have total of


    1100pts 440pts

    SINCE Bob IS A MASTER 1000 he will earn 50% on the small leg, this example is his right

    leg 440pts 50% of that is = $220

    Binary is paid 7 days a week, with a cap (maximum earning per day) per day shown above.


    Every (member)plan will pay a 50$ fee monthly.

    but you will get 3$ for 10 level from your network (if you have a network).


    3% of participation quarterly

    *** Withdraw is minimum of 300$ and can be requested every day, money will go to your

    Velox wallet, where you can send to others, convert to BTC or your bank account.

    *** You can transfer between accounts, minimum of 50$

    *** You can activate or upgrade using back office balance

    For more info or tutorials visit website VELOX 10 | A solução!

    Watch Video presentaion:

    Velox 10 Presentation

    VELOX 10 Location Details

    Brazil Offices

    R. Samuel Morse, 134 - Ed.
    Berrini Plaza
    São Paulo.

    phone: (+55) 11 5505-0624

    Email: contato@velox10.com
    Singapore Offices

    7500A Beach Road #05-319,
    The Plaza

    Email: contact@velox10.com

    For more information and How to Register call:


    You can register with this link:
    Velox10: Cadastro Internacional

    Please Note:

    Take your time to study this information and watch the videos to get a full understading of the program before you decide to join.

    It is a network marketing and investment program which means you should invest what you can afford to loose should incase, cause the company or me will not be held responsible for any loses.

    I promote it because I believe it may last long enough for me to get a reasonable financial benefit from it and you should see it from that perspective as businesses like this rarely last for a very long time.

    You can share the information with people, friends and family but also include the disclaimer so they can know what they are getting into.

    Get in make some money and enjoy it while it lasts. It is just two and half months hold which means there is still enough time to benefit from this oppotunity.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this information.