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Types of questions You should Be Expecting From A Lady Or Woman Who Loves You.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Seyiblog, Dec 28, 2017.

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    In a situation whereby a lady ask you the following question

    Tell me about your family? You can be sure she is interested.
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    I might fall for you. Why are you so sweet? You are slowly interferingin her thoughts.

    Had a good time with your girlfriends? I am missing you baby.

    Won’t you just say something? Just keep this going. Whatever it is. Just talk to me.
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    How do I look?
    If she is going to some place important.

    Won’t you take me out? You are expected to escort me Mister. Better make time.

    Well, If a girl likes you and you both are still a good friends only by words and you will find you more happier than ever. I too had such situations in my life.

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    She will whatsapp you even in midnight and ask you not to sleep until she sleep. Even she ask me call her and just we will keep the call isolate still she go sleep.

    And these things will happen most of time, she will send me a whatsapp random message stating “what I am like to be to you personally”, with many options including #my love , #my best friend and many other. Rather clicking on #my love I would choose My best friends wantdly .

    If this incident happens to you, I am damm sure she has some crush in you. She will ask you whether you find your girl since then, obviously I replied here NO, But I can find my girl in front of me.

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    You know one thing, still I don't find any will and courage with me to propose her. But I will do . Collecting more evidence day by day to make my attempt a great success.

    Life will be more happier and we can able to feel the change in each and every vibe of its pleasure.

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